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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Electronics Chemicals Products. View Products. Semiconductor Test Equipment Cleaning Restoring burn-in-board test sockets and probe cards to as-new performance.

Research Activities by Lion Corporation Chemicals Division

All Other Electronics Chemicals Our specialty chemicals for the electronics industry optimize processes for maximum throughput. Additional Electronics Products By Process. Solder Conditioning Waste Treatment. View All Electronics Products.

Intelligent Chemistry Solutions to Optimize Profitability. RBP Chemical Technology is committed to delivering consistently high quality products and services, including specialty development, analytical services and custom manufacturing. In synthetic chemistry, we are developing new high-performance functional materials that impose less environmental burden.

By combining our elemental technologies in surface chemistry, namely, those related to washing, emulsification and dispersion, we provide immediate solutions customized to the specific needs of industrial users.

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In chemical engineering, we are aiming to achieve a productivity improvement as we work together with related manufacturing sites. Utilizing its technological development capabilities in the material science field along with its strong corporate brand as a leading company in terms of environmental friendliness, Lion provides wide-ranging industries with such products as oleo-chemicals, surfactants and other high-performance products.

Detail : New ethoxylation technology that utilizes complex metal oxide catalysts. These high-purity esters, after undergoing sulfonation and amination, are used as ingredients in a variety of detergent and fabric softener products.

Research Activities by Lion Corporation Chemicals Division

We are providing products suited for a wide array of fields including paper processing, construction and cosmetics by employing molecular design technologies to create compounds based on such carboxylic acid-based polymers as acryl-based polymer as well as naturally derived polymers. Particular surfactants are known to reduce the surface tension between washing fluid and machine oil attached to the surface of metallic parts to almost zero. Leveraging this process, we developed a cleaning technology that is excellent in removing grime, including the grease and other foreign substances that cling to precision equipment components after processing.

Detail : Spontaneous emulsification technology.

By optimally selecting and formulating such agents as surfactants, penetrants and solvents, we have developed a technology of forming stable micro-emulsions in water. Detail : Micro-emulsion cleaning technology.


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We have developed a detergent that optimizes the actions of alkalines and chelating agents while enhancing the detachability of abrasive agent particles and their zeta potential. Consequently, this detergent removes and prevents the redeposition of such micro-particulate grime as colloidal silica to hard disk substrates. Detail : Precision cleaning technology. In particular, such products as LEOPOUND , a resin compound, provide electro-conductivity with a lower volume of additives, owing to a polymer alloy technology that enables high CB dispersion. Detail : Polymer alloy technology.

Companies aim to lessen burped methane from cows.

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UK calls for evidence on standards for bio-based and biodegradable plastics. Alternative protein market gets investment boosts. Canada to ban single-use plastics.

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Growing plastic waste problems lead to more chemical recycling tech commercialisation. Confusion abounds on biodegradable, compostable plastics. DowDuPont plans to sell its Biomaterials business. About Subscriber Area. Partner Events. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.

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Terravesta inviting farmers looking to diversify income with miscanthus. EIA: Densified biomass fuel sales reach , tons in March. EPA: